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Artful Bodgers Tutorials
Beginners PSP9 manipulation tutorial 
5th-Aug-2005 05:28 am
Fantasy Faery Spike 1

A Very Basic PSP 9 manipulation Tutorial.

Suitable for absolute beginners.


 Basic Manipulation tutorial

This tutorial should be suitable for the absolute beginner in psp9.

First, choose the images you want to manip'.

1,  OK, I'm going to be unbelievably evil here and swap Sam and Daniel's heads around!

2,Using the Freehand selection tool carefuly outline Daniel's head.

Double click when you've finished and the ends should join together and you'll get a dinky little highlighted line.

3, Click on the 'pan tool' as that will stop the selection tool (and any other tool you use).

4, Go back to the image of Daniel's head and right click inside the selection... click on copy.
   Outside of the main picture, right click and 'paste as new image

5, Daniel has a larger head than Sam, so you're going to need to resize it. To do this, go to 'Image > Resize' I've chosen to resize his head at 97 percent.

6, I've also rotated it to make it fit the body better, to do this go to 'Image > Rotate > Free rotate. I've chosen to rotate his head 10.00 degrees to the right. I then sharpened the image of his head, as it tends to get a bit fuzzy when you're resizing and rotating!

Now for the fun part!

7, Copy the image of Daniel's head, and paste it onto the main image as a new layer.

8, You can then position the head where you want it!

9, You now have to blend the images in so that they look 'right'. This is where the layers come in really handy.
Make sure you have the Background layer chosen for this bit!

10, Go to the tools and choose the Push tool. Use it to gently push the background down over any bit of Sam's head that is visible.Then use the Soften tool to blend the background in, so it's not so obvious! (it's a good idea to zoom in on the image a bit here too)

11, Now, choose the layer with the image of Daniel's head on it!
Use the Eraser tool to get rid of any bits you missed when you where cutting the head out! Use the Soften tool (on a small setting, with hardness and opacity set at around 50%) to go carefuly round the outline of the head to make it blend in in a more realistic way.

And there you have it.... I'll be the first to admit that it's not the best manip I've ever done, I should have resized the head a little bit smaller... maybe 95 or 96 percent and fiddled with some effects to try to get the skin tones to match better, but I hope it helps in showing you the basics.


1st-Apr-2006 04:18 pm (UTC)
As an 'absolute beginner' in PSP, I think this tutorial looks great, and will hopefully be swapping heads on things some time next week. (Thanks for putting this link on kazzy_cee's LJ, otherwise I'd never have found it).
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